Cast: Lizzi Larbalesiter

Lizzi Larbalestier: Blue Health Coach & Blue Advocate

Lizzi specializes in applied neuroscience and environmental psychology. Based in Cornwall, UK, she works as a *Blue Health Coach and is a **Blue Mind Advocate.

“… in order to bring all that you can be into everything that you do.  I believe that when each of us can embrace our fluid selves, free of our conditioned thinking we can be more compassionate, creative and courageous.” Lizzi Larbalestier.

*Blue Health Coach:  Professional coaching using water connection activities and landscape metaphor to promote cognitive, emotional, social, physical, psychological and spiritual health and wellness. 

**Blue Mind Advocate: Inspiring communities to access and protect healthy wild water as a free health resource. Sharing the neuroscience, positive-environmental psychology and philosophy of our human connection with water. Enabling marine conservation and ocean activism causes to communicate their message authentically to facilitate engagement and action.