Cast: Dr. Tamara Russell

Dr. Tamara Russell: Director of Mindfulness of Excellence, Clinical Psychologist & Neuroscientist

In the context of our mental health and general well-being, Mindfulness innovator, Dr. Tamara Russell says, “ We can drive ourselves mad, frantically trying to work out everything thats going to happen in the future. Which are anxiety states. Or ruminating endlessly on things which have gone on in the past. Which is a characteristic of the depressed mind.”

Furthermore, “we want to be in the present moment. The more we can learn to attend to the present moment, the bigger the present moment gets.” Dr Tamara Russell.

Dr. Russell’s approach combines clinical psychology, neuroscience and martial arts training. As a result, she engages both body and mind. This approach then provides total solutions to manage the stressors of our modern environments.