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Interview: Charlie on the Move

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Travel Blog Writer Julia, of ‘Charlie on the Move’. She had watched our film and been inspired by the story we told. She got in touch with us to find out more about the making of Undercurrents. This is the beginning of her article and you can read the rest on the link below:

” The surf movie Undercurrents involves many aspects of surfing and everybody sees something different in it. For Charlie, the main take-away is the meditative effect of surfing that the movie portrays in a beautiful way. When the idea for the movie was born in 2012, “mindfulness” wasn’t the buzzword it is today but surfing always had this aspect to it. Undercurrents talks a lot about the associated flow – the being really present in the moment….You can check out the rest of our interview, here: https://charlieonthemove.com/en/surfing/movies/undercurrents/